The Smart Buyer’s Guide To Secondhand Storage Containers

Storage containers are built for durability; hence, secondhand containers can be perfectly acceptable alternatives to brand new ones. When buying secondhand, keep in mind that the determining factor for the price is often the container’s age and condition.

There are several ways to determine the age of the storage container.
First is to check the door.

In the early 90’s, manufacturers have ceased manufacturing flat doors in favor of corrugated versions. If a container has flat doors, then chances are they are much older models. The second way to determine a container’s age is by checking its CSS plate in which you’ll find its manufacturing date. Think of the CSS plate as the container’s passport, which is necessary in order to transport it internationally.

If you are buying the container for shipping purposes, remember that it must have a valid CSS plate. It is common for used containers to have expired CSC plates. If this is the case, determine whether the seller will be able to renew them.

Buying a newer container does not necessarily guarantee that it is in a better shape. The condition of the container is affected by several major factors such as the number of miles it has traveled, the environment and the handling. Some portable storage cubicles may have been used a lot for moving cargo while some may have spent more time in ports.
 movable cubicle 
Naturally, a container, which has travelled in extreme climates, will manifest more wear and tear. Careless handling by forklift operators causes internal and external damages on the containers. Another factor that can greatly influence the state of the container is the cargo that has been previously stored inside it.

Storage containers that have been utilized once for cargo and then sold are called “one-trip” containers. Consider purchasing one if you are after an “almost new” condition. However, it would be wise to manage your expectations and anticipate the presence of scratches and scuffs. A “factory paint” label means that a container has been newly painted as opposed to being refurbished.

When a container has been refurbished, it often means that the flaking rust has merely been concealed. If so, then it is only a matter of time before the paint begins to peel and the holes start to appear.

Storage containers that are meant to be used frequently must have doors that can be closed and opened with ease. Click this website for more information. When buying used containers, be sure to check the locking mechanism yourself. Certify that the handles for unlocking the storage container and the vertical rods used for locking them are not bent.

Inspect the hinges as well and determine if the doors swing smoothly. Don’t forget to test both doors. The container’s roof must be checked from the inside for dents. If possible, go on top of the roof and examine it there. Keep an eye out for areas that may collect water and subsequently cause rusting.

Storage containers should have intact gaskets that seal up firmly. When buying used ones, you will sometimes find that a piece of the outer gasket has been removed. In this case, make sure that the internal gasket remains undamaged in order to ensure a watertight seal. Remember that rust often develops where the gasket and the door is connected.

One way to determine whether a container is genuinely watertight is by locking yourself inside it in broad daylight. By doing this, you’ll be able to see even the small holes on the container. Also, beware of holes hiding beneath surface rust.

Learning these simple tips will not just prevent you from wasting time and money on a sub-quality product. It will also help you in preparing for necessary maintenance needs when you buy a secondhand container.

Golf Equipment – Seeking Affordable Options

There is no doubt that there are thousands of people who are fans of the sport of golf. The fans of this sport are of all ages, and they come from all around the world. However, a lot of these people think that they will never be able to play the sport because of the expensive pieces of equipment that it requires. For several years now, golf has always been known as a sport for the upper class. The average person thinks that he cannot play the sport simply because it is way too expensive to play. While it is true that the rich love to play the sport, this does not mean that the average person cannot play it as well. If one really loves the sport, there is a way that he can play it without having to shell out huge amounts of money.

Golf equipment can get very expensive, but there are ways for a person to get it at a more affordable price. This is a great way for him to enjoy golf without having to burn a hole in his pocket.

One of the ways a player can get golf equipment at an affordable price is to look for the best retailer.

Because golf has become such a popular sport, there has been a huge demand for golf equipment. Almost every sports center today sells things that are needed for golf, ranging from golf clubs to golf apparel. The problem is that there are so many stores that sell it people no longer know which one they should buy from.

GolfThough they might be selling similar items, most of the time the prices are not the same. Some stores will sell their products at a lower price to beat the competition. It’s up to aspiring golfers to find those retailers that try to benefit from offering affordability.

This is one of the ways that a player can save money. The savings may not seem like a lot when it comes to purchasing a single item, but golf will require a lot of equipment. This means that every single amount that a person saves will all add up in the end.

A little bit of research goes a long way. It is important to study all the possible stores that one can go to and compare prices. One can even consider buying from an online shop.

It will greatly help to hear what other people have to say about certain shops. Those who are price conscious should never be afraid to ask around for the best deals. It will also be good to ask friends and family if they know any shops that sell affordable golf equipment.

There are tons of forums online that one can visit. He can go there and find out what a lot of people have to say about the prices of equipment. It is an excellent way to figure out the best deals in a specific area.

Another way that one can save money is to purchase a secondhand item. Golf equipment is made to last. Those that are made by reputable brands are known for their durability. There are several online shops that sell used golf products. One just has to make sure that he is purchasing the real deal. This ensures that what he purchases will still last for several more years. Another thing to consider when buying a used item is condition. One must make sure that although it is secondhand, it still is in reasonably good condition.

It may seem like a lot of work, but it will all be worth it in the end. Golf is a great sport and it does not always have to cost a person a lot of money.

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Advantages of Homes for Sale in Long Island NY

Nassau County is one of four counties within Long Island, New York, but most residents now only consider Nassau and Suffolk. This is because Brooklyn and Queens are widely regarded as boroughs within New York.

This article will discuss the advantages of homes for sale in Long Island NY, particularly in Nassau County. The discussion will center on market prices, affluence of the neighborhood, transportation, safety, and other factors.

Market Value

It is important to differentiate between brand new homes and foreclosure homes for sale in Long Island NY. Brand new homes have an average selling price of about $390,000. This represents a 1% decrease from the previous year. On the other hand, foreclosure homes have a median selling price of around $292,000. This represents a 1% increase from last year. Therefore, you can conclude that:

• Foreclosure homes are increasing in value

• Brand new homes are decreasing in value

• Foreclosure homes are cheaper by 25% (median selling price)

Tip: If you are seriously considering foreclosure homes, then you must factor in the costs of renovations and repairs. You may also want to bring in an expert contractor before you finalize your loan documents. On a positive note, most foreclosure home buyers still save at least 10% even with extensive renovations that effectively increase the value of the home.

real estateRemember that the median foreclosure discount is higher or lower depending on the location of homes for sale in Long Island NY. Some towns or villages can net you as much as 40% foreclosure difference while some areas only net you less than 10% foreclosure savings. Refer to websites like Realty trace for specific figures. You can also visit for more details.


Nassau County is considered part of the suburbs. The median income per household is around $93,000. This means you have middle class to upper middle class residents. You have a substantial number of schools (public and private) within Long Island. There are also more than a dozen hospitals in Nassau. Neighboring counties have about the same number of hospitals.

Tip: Some areas are racially dense (i.e. segregated). For example, some towns have a prevailing Chinese community. The majority of residents (more than 70%) are Caucasians. This is not a bad thing. In fact, a trip to Little China or Little Korea in Long Island is not only a gastronomical delight but will show you how well the community has bonded together as a whole (outside racial lines).

Public Transportation System

Nassau is covered by the Mass transportation Authority (MTA), specifically the Nassau Inter-County Express. There is also an extensive railroad network and subway system that runs along all of Long Island. There are also numerous highways. Arguably the only complaint you will get is that some villages refuse to let non-stickered automobiles take shortcuts within them.

White Sand beaches

Cabbage Beach is located in Nassau. In fact, there are a lot of white sand beaches that are considered well-kept secrets by residents. If water sports are your thing and your workplace is in New York, then Nassau is the perfect middle ground.

In Closing

There is more relevant information for home buyers. Go to the Nassau County website for this information. There are also online brokers who can cater to your every need. Still, nothing beats actually taking a day off and seeing Nassau County up close!

Pointers on Preparing a Keynote Speech

The only line that distinguishes between a fantastic, memorable keynote and a terrible one is the speaker. A keynote is said to summarize the purpose of an event, the highlight speech that sets the mood of an occasion. Therefore, keynote speakers are in a big responsibility to deliver a good speech that incorporates the event’s very purpose. However, although a great plus, it is not a requisite that one has expert speaking skills and superb stage presence to be invited as speaker. When someone has the right skill set and experience, he might be ready to deliver his own keynote speech.
Without some background, it would be hard to wow people with your address. A successful keynote speech is not so easy to achieve, but it can be worked out. To really kick that speech, one must never forget the first and foremost step: the preparation of the speech. Here are some pointers on how to make sure you hit the talk right:

1.Understand what a keynote is.

You must first distinguish a keynote address from other speeches. A keynote may serve different purposes: business, educational, motivational, etc. It is designed specifically to unify the audience and convey the primary goals of the organization. Delivering a keynote is a major program task, so the more one needs to prepare.

2.Classify the organization and the audience.

What kind of organization will you speak behalf of? What are its values and interests? Who will be your listeners? It is necessary for keynote speakers to know this beforehand. It will help them choose the right words to target a specific audience.

3.Prepare drafts.

Make an outline. This would help later on. Organize your content and make sure it is informational and in tune with the topic. Write your main points in bullets and try to create drafts and edit them all the way. Research as much as possible because keynote speeches require in-depth know-how on the topic.

4.Make sure you make an impression.

Motivational SpeakerTo make a moving, inspirational talk, you should mark the audience an impression. There are many techniques to achieve this. Quote words that will strengthen your speech. Use silence to your advantage; it has much more impact than you know. Stress your important points by saying it louder. Most importantly, your central ideas should be very clear to you. Listeners don’t want speeches that just go round and round without conveying a distinct idea. Keynote speakers can be clear by being concrete.

5.Inject some humour.

Share a really funny story. Show the audience a YouTube prank. Try as much as possible to think of ways to have an engaged audience. Most people have very short attention span and a bored audience is the last thing you’d want to have. Without people who will listen attentively, what is your speech for?

6.Use visual presentations.

Make a PowerPoint that contains the highlights of your speech. This way, the audience could see as well as hear the message you want to convey. Videos that are related to your cause would also be appreciated. Most keynote speakers use this to illustrate an important point.

7.Edit. Edit well.

Grammar lapses and unrelated ideas will just pull down your talk. Skim through your cheat sheet (if you have one) and check if you organized your thoughts well.

Keynote speakers do not have to go overboard with their speech, honestly. Yes, these pointers would help you not mess up on your first speech, but if there are next ones, try as much to be extemporaneous. Just let yourself out there and inspire with words that you know by heart. Who knows? It might just be your most fantastic unrehearsed words yet.

PCB Fabrication at Home

If you want your PCB fabrication to be done professionally, you should hire a company that specializes in printed circuit boards. However, you should also be prepared to shoulder huge costs, especially if you need high-temperature materials. If you want to save some money and hone your skills at the same time, you can try making your own printed circuit boards at home. Do-it-yourself PCBs are actually becoming more and more popular today.

Pcb fabricationWith do-it-yourself PCBs, you can create numerous projects. You can start with simple projects and gradually move on to more complex projects. If you have already worked with pre-kitted PCBs in the past, you will surely appreciate the differences between pre-printed PCBs and PCBs that were hand wired on a perf board. The process is actually pretty simple. Simply convert a schematic to a board, purchase the necessary parts, and then assemble them together.

PCB fabrication at home may seem complicated at first, especially if you are used to using pre-kitted boards. There is no need for you to be hesitant though. You just have to get a PCB layout program and gather the necessary tools for the project. You can use resist-pens and Microsoft Office’s Paint to define traces. Although you may be limited to which circuits you can use, you can still make a pretty amazing PCB.

Anyway, if you do not think that simple circuits will satisfy you, you can get a PCB layout software program for free. Layout tools, such as Eagle PCB, are excellent for PCB fabrication at home. They are commercial quality yet free of charge. They are also downloadable for both Windows and Linux operating systems. The only downsize of using this software is that you are only allowed to use one schematic and a PCB of about 2.5 inches by 4 inches. This is actually not bad if you are just doing a personal project.

Also, the software is not difficult to use. You should study the component libraries and interface. This software program is much better than Microsoft Office’s Paint and etching markers. You can purchase a paid version if you think you need more features. When it comes to etching equipment, you can buy a laser printer and a laminating machine if you plan on using the toner transfer method for your project.

Use the laser printer to print your PCB layout. Then, use the laminating machine to re-fuse the toner on a blank copper PCB. Soak the PCB until the paper dissolves and only the toner is left behind. All areas covered with copper will remain as component pads or circuit traces. You can use an etch tank in which a couple of aquarium pumps circulate Ammonium Persulfate over the PCBs and a couple of aquarium heaters maintain a specific temperature.

Depending on how fresh your solution is and how thick your PCB is, the entire process can last for ten to thirty minutes. After the etching process, you should remove the toner with a solvent. You should also tin the board using a piece of solderwick and a soldering iron. If you want to improve the appearance of your PCB as well as prevent the copper from oxidizing early, you should watch the time. Finally, you can drill the holes for the components.

PCB fabrication at home is pretty simple. You do not need to buy complex equipment either. However, your success rate may not be one hundred percent. You may need to do some trial and error or repeat the processes a few times if you are not lucky the first time. Nonetheless, DIY printed circuit board fabrication can still prove to be a worthwhile activity.

Not Just Graduation Stoles

Graduation StolesA graduation stole is a piece of cloth made or satin that is hung on a graduate’s neck. It is a part of the graduation regalia one must wear during commencement exercises. But stoles are not just used during these occasions, as they are also used by churchmen and pastors. Their stoles vary in color with the liturgical season at the time it is to be worn. Graduation stoles on the other hand vary as to its hues due to the difference in school colors or the difference in the colors of every department in a university. A different color is sometimes set aside for those you have achieved academic excellence in their chosen degree. There are also different designs. The basis for the difference in design is usually the level of academic achievement a person is granted. For instance, the design of one used by a high school graduate is different from the design of one worn by a person graduating from law school. The higher the academic achievement the grander and the more detailed the design becomes. Although this piece of cloth is not just worn during graduation for some people it can serve another purpose.

It has been a tradition in a lot of universities these days to allow their graduating students to wear multiple graduation stoles. The purpose behind this is simple. After the commencement exercises the graduates are given the opportunity to remove those and award them to their parents, their relatives or anyone who lent them a hand, as a sign of gratitude for all that those people have given them. It is something that does not only represent a person’s academic achievement but also the gratitude a graduate has for his/her family. This is often a surprise for those people. These are the moments that truly make life special.

best bridal satinIf you want one that is truly equivalent to the support your family has given you, order one at a shop that would give you one of the best quality. A shop that makes such with the best bridal satin would be a great option for you as this prevents such from being wrinkled so quickly and from snagging. There are a lot of online shops to choose from but you must pick one that offers the best product. Look for those that offer promos and discounts for certain circumstances like group orders. Those that offer customization would be a plus since you can add a personal touch to those graduation stoles so that its recipient would always be reminded of you when they see it. You must always consider the means of payment offered by the shop of your choice since you would not want one that offers a way that is too inconvenient for you. It would be wise to choose a shop that allows you to track your orders so that you are able to monitor when it will arrive and where it is. This allows you to make sure that your order will arrive on time.

Once your graduation stoles arrive, you should check it at once so you can see if it is exactly what you ordered and if there are flaws. If there are problems with your order, contact the shop you ordered from at once so that they can send you a replacement as soon as possible. You do not have to worry about the cost of delivery because this shall be handled by the shop.

When your order is in proper condition be sure to hang it so that it would not be crumpled when you’re going to wear them. It would be best if you hang them on hangers and kept them in your closet so that the surprise for your supporters would not be ruined when they walk in your room and see them.